A clients father, at 93 years old,  is happy to get his favorite car from his past from me.

Commissions available only 2 weeks out

COMMISSION RICKEY : To create your concept or your loved ones first classic car into a color rendering.

A. Pencil, Marker and Pastel  18 x 24 Side View $250.00    

B. Pencil, Marker and Pastel 18 x 24 Perspective View $400.00  

C. Pencil, Marker and Pastel  40 x 32 Perspective with Hood Ornament & Nameplate over car view  $650.00 (see 76 Monte Carlo)

D. Airbrushed scenes can also be discussed call 201 317 9769 for details and cost. 

E. 3D printed vehicles here or your concept  can also be discussed call 201 317 9769 for details and cost.

CAR TREK BOOK: 400 pgs 8.5 X 8.5" SQ. in full color of the first 50 years of Rickey Martins car drawings . $55.00 +S&H

CAR TREK 2.0 BOOK: 339 pgs 8.5 X 8.5" SQ. in full color the next 5 years of Rickey Martins car drawings. $45.00 +S&H

VISUAL FUTURISM BOOK: 20 pges 11 x 8.5 in full color all of Rickey Martins airbrush compositions. $35.00 +S&H

ROBOTIC COMICAL DIVORCE: 220pgs 8.5 x 5 in comic black and white. Gender less robots experiencing divorce. $25.00 +S&H

Any version of any  Vista Print.com  product can be made using Rickey Martins artwork!  Log onto , www.vistaprint.com   Simply email Rickey Martins at [email protected] or call  201 317 9769 and that product will immediately be added to this site for you to purchase. Payments with credit card or Pay Pal.

Marker, Pencil 

Futuristic Automotive concepts rendered by hand over the last 50 years on 100% rag marker paper.

Real  Airbrush 

Finished hand painted futuristic Illustrations with classic 1950s airbrush techniques on board.

  Rad Concepts

See all concepts that where to radical for production. All sure to excite your loved one!

NEW! 50s Cars

technically accurate to detail 1950s cars illustrated by hand with pastel, pencil and gouache on black paper,

60s Re-Styled  

1960s car design revisited in Pastel and marker on Canson color paper. The way it was done then.

Colorful Car Art Mugs

Pick any image on site

then pick from 7 inside colors 

Yellow  Orange  Red  Pink  Green  Blue  Black

to complement your car art selection

Just $20.00 each +S&H or $100.00 for set of 6