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Medium: Hand airbrushed in 1988 with opaque water colors on illustration board 18 x 24 Theme: In the future where Insurance statistics rule over culture; one must watch what you say for fear of litagation. Hence the creation of the "MOOD BEAM" to visually depict, with color, your intensions. These two inhabitants are meeting for the first time. Of course, since the government take over by the M2 faith; our male is apprehensive and employs the MOOD BEAM. Now if the other inhabitant does not care to respond all they have to do is fabricate a negativity and our male will be erased from the Earth. The sinthisis of surrealism akin to Dali and or Escher only adds to the wow power of this early years composition by Rickey Martins the artist and designer. Hours: 120 hours to concieve and execute this composition.if you want this image on anything in the vistaprint library just ask Rickey at 201 317 9769


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